DASD-521 The wife is in love with her husband's boss

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My husband is an employee of a very large foreign corporation. The pressure of work has made him no longer interested in sex, which makes me very sad. One day my husband invited his black boss to visit our house and have dinner together. Because of his poor tolerance for alcohol, he collapsed on the table and slept soundly. Coincidentally, I saw my boss's big, shiny black cock while he was taking a shower, which aroused the curiosity and lustfulness of a woman who hadn't had sex in me for a long time. It seemed everything was in the bastard boss's plan, so right after that he started soliciting me to serve him. I didn't want to do anything wrong to my helpless husband lying there, but I also didn't want to do anything wrong. You can't refuse the opportunity to make yourself satisfied and happy. Not only did he have a huge amount of goods, but the black boss's skills were also extremely skilled, making me fascinated and exhausted with pleasure. I didn't want to stop this sneaky job even though I knew it was wrong. with my husband.

DASD-521 The wife is in love with her husband's boss
 Movie Code: DASD-521 
 Actor: Hotaru Mori